success stories

Read a Few of Our Success Stories

Read a few of the success stories that Hager Orthopaedic Clinics has been a part of over the years. We look forward to contributing to your success! Contact us today to book your appointment.


“I have been seeing Hager Orthopaedic Clinics since 2010. David Broman and Bill Buston created a state-of-the-art hockey prosthesis which has given me more strength, a harder shot, better puck control, and above else more confidence to play at a higher level than I could ever have imagined possible.
When I’m not playing hockey I appreciate that my i-Limb prosthesis gives me the functionality I need to carry out fine motor tasks while still looking natural. Hager Orthopaedic Clinics has always been available to build, create, and maintain all of my prosthetic arms. Thank you for your continued support to me as an athlete, a father, and a business professional.”


“I’d like to thank Allan at Hager Orthopaedic for helping me succeed in Track and Field. Before, I would do my running events with stiffness on the right side of my body. Thanks to Hager, that barely ever happens. I came first in 100 meter sprint and second in the 400 meter, long jump and shot put events in the Special Olympics BC summer provincial games 2013.
Without the help from Allan, I would not have done so well!”
Hager Orthopaedics is proud to have assisted Jeneka in her athletic pursuits and continues to work with her to help her realize future goals.


“I want to thank you and the rest of your team at Hagar Orthopaedic Clinics for making the chest piece that I used while training and then competing at the London 2012 Paralympic Games. You were all so generous to have made it for me. And you were so good about making time for me when I needed to come in for adjustments. I know you were very busy and it was difficult to fit me in, but you always found the time. Since this was not a piece of equipment that had ever been designed or used before, I can really say that you guys are amazing at what you do. As you know, the equipment that I had been using was very inadequate and had actually succeeded in breaking my rib at a competition. The chest piece that you made was so comfortable and completely solid as to make my technique while rowing so much more effective. I can honestly say that without your dedication to the project, I may not have made it to the Paralympic games in London. You guys are very good at what you do!
Thank you so much for all your hard work!”